How soon do I schedule senior Photos With MJ Portraits?

One of our most FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS we get is:
“How far in advance should I book my senior portrait session with you?”
Today we are answering this for you!

This may surprise you, but we start getting the word out at the beginning of the school year and we are targeting Juniors…AND SOPHMORES AND FRESHMEN.
Easy…because they will eventually ALL become Seniors.

Nowadays, you have many options and we unabashedly want to be at the top of the list! 
So by Dec, if you are a parent of a junior, we want to be on your calendar radar.
The sophmore/freshman parents can also start thinking what you would like to do. In fact, we have a team that they can join to take part on fun shoots and gatherings before their senior year. What a fun way to experience a fun and get great photos of your son or daughter!
If you want more info on this, then read on and we will post info at the end!
Or you can click the following link for us to contact you:

BUT for you Junior Parents, here’s the BIG 411.
We usually start booking 6 months in advance.


WHY you ask…well, it’s quite easy…
One word. BUSY.
Between school, sports, clubs, etc… I wonder how they fit it all in.
So, I get the frantic mom in November wanting senior photos. In my area, it becomes really iffy what we can do pending weather. So planning 6 months ahead of time isn’t as crazy as one would think.

This is also a special time in your senior’s life. It is WAY too important to just wing it.
So, we start out by talking to you on the phone… YES, a real person will talk to you(Me.. I’m the real person☺)
You know upfront what to expect from beginning to end!

We also want YOU to have as much input as possible so that your senior session is incredibly customized to your personality, inspiration, and vision. 

Let us walk you through what that entails:

#1. CONNECTION:  Moms,  we want to be your #1.  It’s a great time to get to know MJPD, our purpose and how we make sure you get the service you want and deserve.

#2. VISION:  We have great ideas, but we need to hear YOUR input when it comes to your session and that means and work on a Senior Vision. We also take the time to talk about our products.  If you love wall portraits or prefer a luxe album, this will all go into the planning of the shoot. 

#3. LOOK:  From your Vision launch, we will work on a plan 4-6 weeks from your session and you’ll leave knowing exactly what you’re wearing at every single location and what accessories you’ll be pairing your outfit with too!  We will also plan out hair and make up for each look.

#4. SESSION: With connection, vision, and the look in hand, we have a blast creating last portraits for your senior and your family.
FUN TIP: If you have spring sport athlete, this is a great time to get them in their uniform and not wait a year to get access. We can get fun shots to add to your album or any other product you choose.

#5. REVEAL:  It’s time to see your gorgeous images and put together a collection of your favorite images.

All these factors help take the stress of a senior session can be when one is not prepared. 
WE want to make sure that your day is easy breezy!

THAT is why booking MJPD EARLY is so very important! A lot goes into creating a custom senior portrait session and we love to plan it out well in advance.
So why not connect with us TODAY to get started on your custom senior portrait session with MJ Portraits.
Click on the link to put on the contact list.  Let’s get you started on the right foot with your upcoming senior year and put that check beside your ever growing to do list!